Insect mobile

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Natural materials: bamboo and silk, hand painted





The know-how of our lights, mobiles and small decorations is unique and made by hand from two natural materials: bamboo and silk.
Our production workshop is run by Pan and his mother and is located in Weifang, Pan's hometown & iconic kite city. Our team of craftsmen are among the rare people to have the know-how of traditional Chinese kite flying passed down from generation to generation.
The structure is bamboo cut lengthwise to obtain thin sticks which are then heated to give them shape. Very meticulous twine knots connect the stems together. The structure is then covered in translucent silk and painted with washes of colored inks.

The poetry and beauty of the kites, made of hand-painted silk with colored inks, gave Myriam the idea of ​​using the traditional technique, diverting them to create more sedentary objects. Lights, mobile, miniature, become clouds, fish, rockets, butterflies and settle into the
house, as if the sky had entered through the window.

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Everything you need to know about Insect mobile

Insect mobile: What is a baby mobile?

The baby mobile is an essential object for your child's development. This educational toy is most often composed of a basic structure at the end of an arm, to which different elements are connected (shapes, stuffed animals, etc.).

Your baby mobile will accompany your little one from birth until the first years of life.

Insect mobile: Why install a baby mobile?

The baby mobile is a fantastic educational object because it trains and develops your child's still imperfect vision.

The baby mobile also aims to help him relax and reassure himself. In fact, your child will recognize him from his cradle and will therefore feel safe.

Insect mobile: At what age should you install a baby mobile?

You can install your mobile for your baby as soon as he sleeps alone in his crib. As explained above, this will give him a reassuring point of reference when he wakes up without you in his bed.

Insect mobile: How to choose the right baby mobile?

In order to best awaken your child's senses, we advise you to buy a mobile that offers varied shapes and bright colors so that it can catch your baby's eye.

Insect mobile: Where to install a baby mobile?

The activity mobile for your baby must be hung high up, most often above your toddler's bed so that it remains in his field of vision when he is lying down.