Chez Petit Pan

We are aware of the environmental and societal impacts of our actions and therefore of our responsibilities as a fashion and home brand. This is why our philosophy, “joyful simplicity” also translates into strong commitments that we strive to improve on a daily basis.

For complete transparency with you , we list and regularly update on this page all of our initiatives as well as those that we plan to implement soon to become a more sustainable brand .

It is in Weifang, Pan's hometown & the world capital of kites, that we produce all of our collections. Our production workshop is run by Pan and his mother. This small family structure and our single fabric supplier allow us very good control and traceability of our production.


natural and labeled

98% of our textile collections for babies, children and the home are designed in a unique, certified material: Oeko Tex Standard 100 cotton. This certification ensures that the fabric has been controlled at each stage of processing; from raw material to final dyeing. This is therefore the guarantee that our fabrics do not contain any harmful chemicals.

100% of our lights, mobiles and small decorations are made from natural materials: bamboo and silk.


traceable and reasoned

100% traceability for our tier 1 partner which corresponds to the assembly of the parts.

90% traceability for our tier 2 partners who correspond to the manufacturing of the final material.

Working with our unique family workshop in Weifang allows us great flexibility in the production line and thus guarantees us the possibility of producing the lowest quantities. For example, we favor restocking during the season to avoid overproduction and the resulting waste.


A creative upcycled haberdashery

100% of fabric scraps from our collections are transformed into creative haberdashery such as coupons, bias garlands or even ties so as to have no loss.

Petit Pan's vision is not based on offering its customers ultra-rapid renewal of its collections: when we create, we think “timeless”. We only imagine 2 collections per year.

95% of our seasonal fabrics subsequently become fabrics in our permanent collection.


Petit Pan is committed to children

20 years that Petit Pan has helped the Prophée Humanitaire Association to raise funds in order to get children off the street and support them in building their new future.

2024 objectives

The transmission


To future generations thanks to the creation of a training program for young people from Weifang to pass on the profession and share the ancestral heritage of the Weifang region around bamboo work.



We are working internally to create more and more upcycled capsule collections that will give a second life to our pretty fabrics.

A revolution


We are committed to ensuring that 100% of our new packaging comes from recycled cardboard and/or comes from sustainably managed forests.