The story of PETIT PAN begins in PARIS DURING...

..the meeting of the artist duo

Myriam De Loor & Pan Gang.

In 2002, they decided to share their artistic and cultural worlds . For Myriam, Belgian colorist, it is the love of color, childhood and art. For Pan, it is the heritage of a family of kite flyers and a poetic know-how that flies from one generation to the next.

Between them, they created the Petit Pan art of living: a children's and decoration brand dedicated to the joy of living and colorful haberdashery for all creatives! Going against the tide of trends, Petit Pan collections are timeless.

Handmade in the family workshop, they are characterized by their simple materials and shapes . Myriam repaints everyday life, imagines and colors all the patterns. Pan sculpts light and brings the poetry of kites into Petit Pan creations.

For 20 years, their enthusiasm has given birth to the joyful palettes of the Petit Pan collections .


Myriam de Loor

If we have to find a reason for Myriam's passion for colors, we undoubtedly owe it to the melancholy gray of Belgium, where she grew up and completed her teaching diploma. Then one day, she leaves to continue her artistic path under the Florence sun. She combines her love for childhood and her sensitivity to art, to create her first Dei bambini workshops. On her return to Brussels, she continued the adventure with the children's workshop. She crosses paths with Pan, who gives a new turn to her life.


Pan Gang

Originally from the kite capital of China, Pan grew up surrounded by flying objects. In his family, this poetic know-how passes from one generation to the next. The bamboo stems bend, the kites are dressed in colors. Then one day, Pan joined the fine arts in Beijing. After his studies in art history, he moved to Europe. He takes giant dragons and other colorful creatures in his suitcases. On his way, he meets Myriam, a Belgian artist and colorist, who gives a new twist to his life.

Thus was born Petit Pan!

Always Colors

A crazy passion for bright colors and generous patterns, a delicate love for the world of childhood, art and design, a trigger coming from China and translated in a thousand ways, an imagination where poetry has all the rights .

This is all that creator Myriam de Loor combines to create the Petit Pan art of living:

a children's brand, home decoration dedicated to the joy of living and haberdashery for all creatives!