Stork scissors for sewing

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Everything you need to know about Stork scissors for sewing

How to hold your sewing scissors?

To cut a fabric, you must place it on a flat surface (a table or the floor) and hold the scissors so that the rounded blade is underneath: this way you do not risk scratching or snagging the table or the ground.

How to maintain your sewing scissors?

To do this, apply oil to the entire screw and between the blades at the pivoting area. Once the oil has settled, open and close the scissors several times until the blades slide easily, without forcing. With a cloth, wipe excess oil from the blades to avoid staining.

Why not cut paper with sewing scissors?

In fact, paper is very abrasive for scissor blades, so if you don't discipline yourself to follow this rule, sewing scissors that have also cut paper will no longer cut anything properly.

Sewing scissors: What is sewing?

A seam is the assembly of two or more pieces using sewing thread, either manually with a needle or using a sewing machine or overlocker. Sewing is used in the manufacture of clothing, household linen (sheets, handkerchiefs, etc.), decorative elements (tablecloths, curtains, hangings, etc.), shoes, leather goods (luggage, bags, etc.). .).

Sewing scissors: When was sewing invented?

The history of sewing dates back to the Paleolithic Era, at the end of the Solutrean and the Magdalenian, 21,000 years ago, when the use of needles with bone and ivory eyes became widespread. Sewing was usually used to join animal skins point by point in order to design clothing or shelter.