DIY | Learn how to fold Furoshiki in fabric to wrap your gifts at Christmas

In Petit Pan's Christmas house, winter is synonymous with colors, the Christmas tree is magical and all the gifts are decorated with bohemian and sparkling patterns.

The Art of Furoshiki

Coming from a centuries-old Japanese tradition, Furoshiki has never been more up-to-date. If the term originally refers to a folding and knotting technique favored by the Japanese nobility for wrapping gifts and everyday objects, today it refers to the piece of fabric itself.

Simple and quick, the Furoshiki pleases for its vast choice of original folds, to be declined endlessly in pretty colorful patterns.

Reusable, zero waste gift packaging

In addition to being a pretty and inexpensive gift package, Furoshiki is above all ecological . This year for Christmas, leave the single-use paper wrapping paper at the bottom of the cupboard and opt for reusable gift wrapping with cheerful Petit Pan designs.

All objects can be packaged in a Furoshiki, you just need to adapt the size of the fabric and the folding to your gift.

Giving a gift in a Furoshiki is a nice additional gift that can be reused or even transformed by its recipient, a great opportunity to initiate a real zero waste movement.

How to do ?

Step 1 : Take a square fabric with the pattern printed on the front and back.

To know which ideal size to choose, you must multiply the length of the object by 3 in order to have a large enough margin to make a small knot. ( If your object measures 20 centimeters in length, a fabric measuring 60 x 60 cm will be necessary).

Step 2 : Place the object in the center of your fabric previously positioned facing you in a diamond shape.

Step 3 : Fold the angle closest to you over the object, then do the same operation with the opposite angle, so that the fabric fits the edges of the gift.

Step 4 : Take the 2 remaining ends in each hand and tie them tightly on the visible side of the package.

Step 5 : Adjust the fabric to your liking, and decorate your pretty package with little bells , a little note, a sugar cane or anything that will make you happy.

A large number of folds exist, to adapt to the shape of your gift. Here are some of the best known.