Our history

In September 2000, a package from China arrived in the mail. It contained a cute ensemble: a little jacket and fleece pants. It was a hand-made present sent as a welcome gift from Pan's mother for her grandson.

I loved the richness of the prints: small, sparkling, bold patterns and bold colors as I like them. I was amazed by this comfortable and cozy outfit with which children are dressed in these distant lands. Dressed in his gift, Emile, our son, also seemed delighted.

Thus the story of Petit Pan was born in our minds.

Myriam De Loor - Creator of Petit Pan

Living in multicolor

Based in Paris since 2002, we have been inventing a world bursting with color. Our creativity applies to all everyday objects: quilts, oilcloths, fairy lanterns, essential bags, cement tiles, notebooks

The reasons

Our patterns are now around 200 and there is something for everyone: geometric, floral, unmissable plains. Each pattern has its name: Helium, Hanako, Zazen

The pink

I have never seen a more beautiful rose than in China. A bright, magical, milky, almost enigmatic pink: it was an intense encounter with a color that I have never seen again.

Since that day, I have been looking for it and trying to attach it to our fabrics, to feel daily the little spark of pleasure that pure pink provides.


Emile's grandfather, Pan Bohua, is a great master of Chinese kite flying. He is famous for the giant dragons that he flies through the skies of all continents. His work is very delicate. He is the one who develops the prototypes based on my drawings for the Petit Pan lanterns and mobiles.