There are those who choose the classic, and those who awaken joy! Here is an article aimed at those who want to try originality and freshness at Christmas.


We went out of the box to offer you a warm composition . Starting with the Christmas tablecloth ! Choose floral and geometric fabrics from the fall-winter 2021 collection this winter , for offbeat simplicity .

Accessorize your table: sequins, bells & still life

Joyful and easy, sequins are essential for a festive table. Then scatter a few bells and still lifes on the table runner . The light reflections of a starry garland will reveal everything .

Reusable napkins

As pretty napkins, our cotton coupons.

Suspended mobiles

Bamboo mobiles will take young and old alike on a journey. These creations, designed by Myriam and Pan, are unique and the result of exceptional know-how.


Golden Indian plates, found in a Parisian boutique, and mismatched pastel glasses will calm the table. You can also decorate your table with pretty DIY folding tables.


Petit Pan star lantern

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October 24, 2022 — Laurie CIBERT-GOTHON